I'm a 2D Animator with a BFA in Animation from Rochester Institute of Technology. I'm currently creating animations full time at Woobo Inc. I love evoking feelings in others through my work. 








Mullica Hill, New Jersey



Woobo Inc | Lead 2D Animator

-Working to build Woobo, a new type of kids toy

-Using Toon Boom Harmony & After Effects to storyboard, rig, animate, and polish all 2D animation required to bring the toy to life

-Strong sense of teamwork and communication

Malka Media | 2D Animator

-Creating character-driven animated short in Toon Boom Harmony drawing, rigging, and animating all characters

-Heavy lip sync and use of bone deformers

SS Productions LLC | 2D Animator

-Created a 15-second company demo and two character designs for SS Productions LLC

-Created 2D animation set to a song geared towards children ages 3-6

-All visuals were created in Adobe Flash, from Storyboard to Final product

-Utilized the use of nested symbols and tweens to convey a more child-friendly sense of cartoon

Mind4Learning | Lead 2D Artist

-Worked with Gordon Goodman to create the Android game, WordWells

-Created 2D and 3D art and animation from concept to final product and esigned the official project Logo

-Created final 3D Character Models and 2D animated backdrops and textures.

-Took on the extra job of designing 2D mini-games that will be utilized in the gameplay

Mark D Pencil and Friends | E-Book Illustrator

-Created numerous pieces of artwork for Mark D Pencil E-Books

-Each page consisted of one or more characters drawn, full body, complete with color, and a transparent background

Chiodo Bros | Internship 

-Created various stop motion props and short animation, using DragonFrame and After Effects

-Worked directly under Stephen Chiodo, edited raw footage as Lead After Effects Editor

-Hands-on experience working directly with puppeteers and film crew on set of a TV pilot

Vampire Sheep | Internship

-Worked directly with the Director and Producer

-Assisted in designing and building sets


2017-CURRENT | Cambridge, MA












2015-2016 | Rochester, NY








2015 | San Fernando, CA




2015 | San Fernando, CA